CEO/ Founder

Hello, this is Fran Marks, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Evolution, A Leadership Development Consulting Firm committed to helping leaders become better leaders.  


He specializes in Executive Coaching, Moral and Ethical Leadership, Character Development, Talent Management, and Team Building. He has trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of professionals in, and outside the military.  


His passion for leadership began when he joined the military in 1998. Over the past 25 years, his many leadership roles and positions afforded him a front row seat to various leadership styles, some effective and some ineffective.  


As an Infantry Officer, he has led organizations consisting of 30, 120, and 450 persons. During this time, he has seen leaders rise and fall based on their leadership style. He has helped many people of diverse organizations unlock their leadership potential using these key principles, making them vibrant leaders in today’s workplace.


His efforts enabled those he advises to successfully lead in volatile, uncertain, adaptive, and complex environments. 


Our CEO/ Founder believes: 

  • Anyone can be an effective leader given the right coaching and mentoring.  
  • Leadership occurs through experiences, opportunities, challenges, and relationships. 
  • The art of leadership is more important than the science.  
  • Leadership development is a process not an event.
  • Developing subordinates is the most important act of a leader. 

Fran is a co-author of Mission Command of Multi-Domain Operations and the author of multiple writings on leadership development.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Public Administration, and a Master of Science in Strategic Studies. He is also a graduate of the Army War College and the Center for Creative Leadership. He is currently writing a book titled, "30 Days to Effective Leadership."


Fran’s volunteer efforts include mentoring the Columbus State University and Miles College Men’s Golf Teams on building mental toughness, increasing resiliency, team building, and how to build a winning mindset. He also serving as Deputy Chairman, for the Zoning and Appeals Board, the City of Pelham, Alabama.